About Mediflix

Health care has never been more central to the daily lives of the global population. Although there is a great deal of information on websites and YouTube videos, navigating to find the information that is credible, relevant and understandable is among the most frustrating experiences a person can endure when in need of solid advice and strategic guidance for next steps.

Featured content on Mediflix range from strategies for staying healthy and minimizing the impact of diseases and their symptoms, to engaging in new activities that promote coping and/or recovery, as well as providing ongoing encouragement and inspiration.

  • The Problem

    Today, over 142 million Americans are affected by chronic diseases with one-in-three adults suffering from multiple chronic conditions globally. Mediflix is the first streaming digital health platform delivering information, inspiration, strategies, and innovation for patients and caregivers living with chronic diseases.

  • Free

    Enjoy free access to the most accurate and trustworthy healthcare information thanks to the support of pharmaceutical and other health-related company sponsors.